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Saunie Gravely. Meet my Dad!


(5/26/15: Added more details to Post) Saunie Gravely. Meet my Dad! He founded an all-veterans commercial air service in 1945 that flew freight and passengers out of Newark Air Depot. Meet my favorite DC-3 named GAYE LYN…that’s me. Read about some of the GIs who helped form & flew for Veterans Air Express and Veterans Air Line.

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Prague Veterans Air crew arrives 1946


A pride hard to verbalize shudders through me every time I see this film footage of my Dad’s crew members disembarking from the Veterans Air Line DC-4 in Prague. Saunie Gravely was 22 when he got the idea of an all-Veterans air service. And this amazing footage is proof of his dream-become-reality. Come watch. Sorry, no popcorn today.

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Veterans Air DC-3 ops documents deliver insight


Veterans Air Express. Proper procedures, safety emphasis and insistence on professionalism. That’s an insight reinforced by DC-3 training ops documents. I know because DC-3 Chief Pilot Robert Chambers kept them and his son Bruce gave them to me!

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Meet Bruce Chambers, Bob’s son. I did on 25 May 2016.


My research trip in May to New Jersey allowed me to personally meet Bruce Chambers, the second son of my Dad’s DC-3 Chief Pilot, Robert Chambers. Think about it…son and daughter of two adventurous aviators getting together 70 years after their Dad worked together. Come share my experience.

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Veterans Air Express research trip


Never ever dreamed I’d go to Prague. But I did, last month. And researched my Dad’s Veterans Air Express post-WWII deliveries for UNRRA of hatching eggs. I’m now a card-carrying member of… well, you’ll just have to Read More to find out.

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Gaye Lyn crashes VFW meeting seeking Veterans Air vets

Veterans Day Poppy

I crashed a VFW meeting yesterday! Hey, where better to seek my Veterans Air vets, right? It’s a fun story. Come read it.

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Edward Martz, Veterans Air Express Navigator


I am deeply sad to write this post. Veterans Air has lost a precious member. I have lost a cherished friend. Edward J. Martz, Jr. Veterans Air Express Navigator, died this week. He was 91. I’ll be forever grateful for having met him personally, known his smile, reveled in his stories about his role in my Dad’s airline. God speed, Ed Martz. Say hello to Saunie for me.

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1945 Veterans Air Express crew list grows from 22 to 62


In April 2015, my list of men who flew, crewed and managed my Dad’s airline was 22. Today, it’s 62 and includes three women! I’ve added 12 families to my own family along the way, shedding tears of joy and amazement. And I am indescribably motivated to find other 90-somethings (aka Nonagenarians) to share with the three I’ve already met. Photos of a small cadre of the men and women I seek are captured in this story. Come see if you recognize any of them!!!???

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Veterans Air Express Prague 1946

1946-05_AIR-TRANSPORTATION_Feature-VetPlaceStake_multiple-mentions.doc - OpenOff-000145

My Dad’s 1945 airline won a war-relief contract with the UNRRA. His crews flew five DC-4 trips, each loaded with 5 tons of hatching eggs to Prague and Warsaw. Seventy years later, to commemorate the Veterans Air Express Prague flight in May 1946, I am going to Prague.

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Chief Pilot Robert Chambers


A new treasure…a photo of Robert C. Chambers standing with our first DC-3 in 1945 while she still looked like the government surplus Army C-47 she had been. And breaking news…Chambers was the DC-3 Chief Pilot with Veterans! Bet you didn’t know that! I didn’t before today. Come see.

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Robert C. Chambers – Veterans Air Express


I found the family of Veterans Air Express Robert C. Chambers this morning. Various research sources depicting his association with my Dad’s air line pointed me toward the family. Come read the story.

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Delivering 66,000 hatching eggs to Prague in April 1946, Veterans Air Express made history as the first civilian, all-freight flight permitted behind the Iron Curtain. Five more war relief trips followed - back to Prague, later to Warsaw and Athens - each contracted by United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.