This site is a research & cataloging tool for the 1945-1947 history of Veterans Air Line & Veterans Air Express. CALL SIGN: Veterans Air

1946 Veterans Air Express operations base #2 sets up at Sebring Air Terminal

Timing is everything. Veterans Air Express needed a major maintenance and repair facility. And Florida seemed a location ideally suited to their growing cargo and passenger business. Hendricks Field, an AAF Pilot School during WWII in Sebring, FL was being deactivated and transitioned into Sebring Air Terminal. Photos & news clips from archives unfold the story.

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Veterans Air Express contract with UNRRA flown by Stettner, Jakeman, Noll, et al.

An “experimental” DC-4. A high-energy group of hardworking ex-servicemen. A Veterans Air Express UNRRA contract for cargo flights behind the iron curtain. And Newark/Miami winter passenger flights. By mid-1946, the all-veterans organization was becoming recognized and starting to thrive.

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Family of Veterans Air Express John W. Greenleaf, Sr. finds us!

Here’s how this works. Grandson of Veterans Air Express John W. Greenleaf, Sr. googles his OWN name. And up pops reference to Veterans Air Express. He remembers stories from his Granddad and Father when he was a kid…so he tells his Dad…his Dad contacts me via my website…and we now know more about another member of our 1945 non-sked airline. I’m still grinning! Come read more.

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Stettner verifies Veterans Air Express 1945 history.

My research project into Veterans Air Express 1945 history gets huge boost. My face-to-face meeting with 92-year old Jack Stettner, founding member & pilot, reveals great stories. And his Logbook contains my “missing” DC-3.

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Veterans Air Express Reunion a special celebration

Veterans Air Express Reunion gave new meaning to “together again.” This first-ever gathering felt like old home week with Jack Stettner and his family in Florida recently. Come share our new photos & some 70-yr old history.

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Fireworks pale to my finding Veterans Air Express Jack Z. Stettner

Veterans Air Express Jack Z. Stettner helped found, finance, pilot & manage this DC-3 & DC-4 passenger/cargo airline in 1945. And I am planning a Veterans Air Express Reunion with Jack and his family sometime soon! I am so privileged and excited to introduce you to Jack. Come meet him!

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Veterans Air Express Robert F. Gries.

Update: WWII photos added to story of Robert Gries. Read about Bob as told to me by his wife, Marilyn. About his WWII 392nd Bomb Group. About his Navigator & business management role at Veterans Air Express.

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Veterans Air Express first hostess. Found “Treasure!”

UPDATE 8/30/15: Mid-August, I spent hours with Marilyn Gries in Florida. First at breakfast and then in her home. She is vivacious and wonderful. Yesterday and today, I updated two Posts with photos of Marilyn & her husband Bob on the website. He was one of the Veterans co-founders, a navigator & manager. Yesterday Marilyn & I spoke on the phone. For now, come see the first of my photos of Marilyn. And read (or re-read) HER story — the Veterans Air Express first unofficial “hostess” and a new and now dearly cherished friend of mine! What a Treasure!

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Carole Landis christened Veterans DC-4 in 1946

Hollywood star Carole Landis christened Veterans Air Line DC-4 on July 24, 1946. The aircraft and attending celebrity Mrs. Gloria Vanderbilt both got champagne-splashed. Still searching for press photo coverage of event.

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Veterans Air Line memorabilia

Seeking Veterans Air Line memorabilia from 1945 passenger/cargo air carrier like this Captain Wing insignia, luggage labels, advertisements in old newspapers. Especially looking for Veterans Air Crew members or their families. Full story at VeteransAir.org

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Then & There…

A RECOMMENDED READ and irreplaceable for me: "Memories of the Jing Bao & Beyond," Authors Choice Press, 2001. Written by our own JACK Z. STETTNER - Veterans Air Express Co-Founder, Investor, Pilot and Operations Manager. As well as his considerable WWII experiences, Jack's book revealed new details about Veterans Air Express...plus the spirit and character of this organization that Jack obviously loved!