Big headline. FLY TO...FLORIDA. Classified ad in Travel Section of New York Times 18 Jan 1946.

DC-3 “Snowbird” flights from Newark to Miami via “The Veterans’ Air Line.” NOTE they are still working out the company name: Passenger Division, Veterans’ Air Express Company. (New York Times classified 18th & 21st January, 1946)

For vacationers going North, go By Air to Cape Cod via Veternas Airline. Display classified ad in a Newark NJ paper, date unknown.

Fly north to Cape Cod via VETERANS AIRLINE. Mentioning “Non-scheduled flights” keeps them legal. (Newark NJ display classified ad. Date and newspaper unknown.)

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A RECOMMENDED READ and irreplaceable for me: "Memories of the Jing Bao & Beyond," Authors Choice Press, 2001. Written by our own JACK Z. STETTNER - Veterans Air Express Co-Founder, Investor, Pilot and Operations Manager. As well as his considerable WWII experiences, Jack's book revealed new details about Veterans Air the spirit and character of this organization that Jack obviously loved!