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Fireworks pale to my finding Veterans Air Express Jack Z. Stettner

Jack Z. Stettner

Veterans Air Express Jack Z. Stettner helped found, finance, pilot & manage this DC-3 & DC-4 passenger/cargo airline in 1945. And I am planning a Veterans Air Express Reunion with Jack and his family sometime soon! I am so privileged and excited to introduce you to Jack. Come meet him!

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Going public. Veterans Air first stock offering.

First company stock offering signed by Saunie Gravely, Founder, President and Chairman of the Board.
Jack Z. Stettner

The first stock offering was issued 9 November 1945. The certificate was printed even before the decision that “Veterans” should be part of the official company name. Pride in who they were and in hopes of bettering their chances for attracting business seems to have prompted the idea.

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Then & There…

A RECOMMENDED READ and irreplaceable for me: "Memories of the Jing Bao & Beyond," Authors Choice Press, 2001. Written by our own JACK Z. STETTNER - Veterans Air Express Co-Founder, Investor, Pilot and Operations Manager. As well as his considerable WWII experiences, Jack's book revealed new details about Veterans Air the spirit and character of this organization that Jack obviously loved!