Veterans Air CAB application

Covering their bases as they plan to cover the globe. The Veterans Air CAB application for routes.


Veterans Air Express CAB Application Exhibit A, Western portion of Route Filing Map stretches from Buenos Aires to Bombay.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Veterans Air Express CAB Application Exhibit A, Eastern portion of Route Map files alternates from Bombay to San Francisco.


Impressive plans.  Complex routes.


Thankfully, John Greenleaf, Sr. kept a copy of this CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) application for a permanent Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience that included an impressive route map. Greenleaf, Jr. found it among his father’s papers. Unfortunately, it is not dated. And we have no idea if or when it was submitted.  (More research needed!)

On the other hand … no matter!  Because the very fact that this document ever got researched and drafted is a huge disclosure of the seriousness of Veterans Air Express’ intentions.

My “discovery.”

I was almost ready to “publish” this Post.  Was just finishing captions for the pages you are about see.  And suddenly realized what we have here!  Remember that Veteran Air Express started life (as this CAB application states in Section 4) “engaged in Air Transportation as a non-scheduled and contract carrier.”  This application was looking toward their next stage of service.  And I totally missed it!  When I first read the document, I totally missed the two most significant words — permanent (in the Application title & lead paragraph) and scheduled (Section 2).  A stage Veterans was not destined to attain.  (And a subject I have promised to research in depth and share with you.  But not today.)

Take a look.

I find this application fascinating in its detail.  I’d like you to see parts of it.  (Not to worry…clicking on the first or any of the images allows you to “page” through legible excerpts.)

You see on the cover page that the application is submitted by Harvey G. Stevenson, Attorney for Applicant, and on the last page it was set up for his signature as President, Veterans Air Express Company.  To my knowledge, my Dad was always President of the company, so this will be something else to investigate.
[/two_third] [one_third_last]Cover page of Civil Aeronautics Board application for worldwide route approval.[clear]

Intro copy of Veterans Air Express Civil Aeronautics Board Application. NOTE: "permanent." [clear]

Application requesting authority to engage in "scheduled" air transportation.[clear]

Ankara, Turkey; Prestwick, Scotland; Paris, France are named in Veterans Air CAB application.[clear]

Points along the full circumference of South America, plus Cuba, Haiti and others named along the requested route.[clear]

Present and planned aircraft are listed for CAB consideration.[/one_third_last][clear]

Dear Reader …

If you have any idea or any “connections” for me to track down the actual Veterans Air Civil Aeronautics Board filing, I’d greatly appreciate hearing from you.

For now, it’s on my proverbial back burner. Gotta redouble my efforts to first find our People!


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