Veterans Air research project

Veterans Air research seeks to tell its 1945 story

Veterans Air research project begun by founder's daughter.
Gaye Lyn Gravely, Saunie’s little girl, all grown up

You are here at the christening of my Veterans Air research project.  Perhaps not as exciting as when the first of my Dad’s company DC-3’s  was christened in 1945…and named the GAYE LYN.  But exciting to me.

My intention is (almost daily) to share new findings with you here.  I hope you’ll join the journey.  And perhaps some of you will add to my research findings.  As I go along, I’ll put out calls for specific elements on my search list.  But, as you read along, if you see a face you think (or know) that you recognize, whether I’ve identified the person or not, please contact me.  Your input could be among my most important research findings!!

Thanks for visiting.  Come back and see us often.

2 thoughts on “Veterans Air research project”

  1. Gaye–what you’ve done here is absolutely amazing. I remember that day we met with Jamie to hear his wisdom on the art of research, and I can hardly believe what you’ve accomplished in a very short time. Loved reading about all the Veterans Air guys and their families, and looking forward to following you in your travels…if only vicariously! xojudi

    1. Judi. I’ll always remember that day. Jamie’s cliff notes on research techniques gave me the courage to launch a whole new chapter in my life – and you were there. Thanks so much for your comments. Delighted you’re going to follow along.

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