Drove 4,874 miles visiting Veterans Air Express families

Writer’s Retraction and Apology…4, 874 miles:
Yikes! the trip was admirably far in reality, but certainly NOT the 9,500+ miles originally stated!  Let’s correct that to  4,874 miles.  Looking at the story at arms distance, I said out loud “…9,500 miles???  That can’t be!!!”  And I’ll bet many of you reading this said the same thing!!! My apologies, Gaye Lyn, 23 January, 2018.

Visiting Veterans Air Express families.
Second trip of 2017.

Composite photos of Veterans Air families visited during a 37-day journey.

The Veterans Air men & women who inspire me. Who made it happen. And the surprise and joy of meeting their families 70 years later.

I’ve not done this before to show and tell my stories of visiting Veterans Air Express families.  But, I am testing the theory Picture = 1,000 wordsMostly you have photos and captions here.  Hope they do the trip justice. 

Oct-Nov 2017

My October-November, 37-day RV road trip took me from Santa Fe to the doorsteps of six families in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Map dotted with RV park overnight stops and locations of Veterans Air Express families along the journey.

Route of travel across the country in Gaye Lyn’s 24-foot magic carpet named Gracie. Looking at it from a 30,000′ perspective sort of entices you to journey forth. [The dots are where Gracie & I over-nighted; you can disregard their different colors.]

U.S. Library of Congress and NJ Aviation Hall of Fame

I researched Veterans Air at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. And on 15 November I accepted an invitation from Shea Oakley, Executive Director of the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum at Teterboro Airport, to present the findings-to-date of my research.

Come with me on my journey visiting Veterans Air Express families…and meet some really special people.

That’s it for now, Dear Reader. 

Next will be the tale of telling our Veterans Air story at the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum. What a tremendous compliment.  Plus, I’m going to do a stand-alone story dedicated to Gracie.  She deserves most of the credit for my two journeys visiting Veterans Air Express families in 2017. 

Watch this space.

Gaye Lyn


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Then & There…

A RECOMMENDED READ and irreplaceable for me: "Memories of the Jing Bao & Beyond," Authors Choice Press, 2001. Written by our own JACK Z. STETTNER - Veterans Air Express Co-Founder, Investor, Pilot and Operations Manager. As well as his considerable WWII experiences, Jack's book revealed new details about Veterans Air Express...plus the spirit and character of this organization that Jack obviously loved!