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This is a research website. By its very nature, new information is uncovered randomly. A Crew member is found and a myriad of related stories can be generated covering several decades and different topics. Thus, presenting research findings chronologically is tough in this website. You will seldom traverse from story to story [Post to Post] in true sequence.

So, Dear Reader, we’ve designed the website By Topic to help you “gather” pieces of the puzzle…by the “top level” components of the Veterans Air story that are named in the red Navigation Bar below. At times, a “gather” will bring you a Post you’ve seen before, not by mistake, but by relevance. It fits in more than one part of the story!

My web designer says, “From there, I leave you to delve into and enjoy the details.” I agree.

This red Navigation Bar is at the topmost of every page. You must choose a Topic, so it automatically returns HOME and “wisks” you down to your chosen Topic. (The “wisk to location” feature works for both this red Nav Bar and Sidebar Nav explained below.)

This Navigation Menu will open a “gather” of stories [Posts] that have been categorized as indicated.

The Navigation list you see here is called “Back to the Home page” (or Sidebar Nav). It works in the same way as the topmost red Navigation Bar. It only appears in the right column when you’re reading a Post or are on a page with “gathered” Posts.

This is The ERA section.

Clicking any of these Find Out More buttons will open a page that contains a “gather” of all the Posts assigned to The Era you choose. After reviewing the stories you can either click Rest of the Story to dive deeper. Or you can use the BACK button to return HOME and select alternative Eras.

Enjoy the Air Mail stamps. They are just graphics, but, yes, they are also all DC-4s.

This is the FOUNDERS section.

Clicking any of these Come meet him buttons will open a single Post about the Founder you choose.

Return to the FOUNDERS section with the BACK button.

The instructions for the FOUNDERS Section are the same these sections as well:


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