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Veterans Air Express Anna Tamburello. Pharmacist mate, cryptographer, mom and 63 years military wife

Veterans Air Express Anna Tamburello was a pharmacist mate, then cryptographer before she became Anna Broughton, 63 years a military wife and an Alaskan tundra mom. Read about insights and photos netted last month when Gaye Lyn met Bob Broughton in Lexington, KY, and got new info this week from Craig…the two sons of Anna and Dick Broughton.

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Laughter-filled visit with daughters of Veterans Air DC-4 Flight Engineer Thomas E. Cowart

Takes no time to fall happily into laughter, banter and sweet reminiscences when I’m with the “daughters Cowart.” It’s day 16 and 2,822 miles into my Veterans Air family RV trip. I’ve arrived in South Carolina, home of Angie and Joy, daughters of 1946 Veterans Air DC-4 Flight Engineer Thomas E. Cowart. They are a hoot, don’tcha know!

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New information invaluable to 2017 research as 1946 Veterans Air Line images and clippings surface

A spectacular batch of 1946 Veterans Air Line images and press clippings ignited lively conversation. I was in Florida to meet Craig Broughton and his wife Carol. And to learn more about Craig’s dad, Richard Broughton., who was one of my Dad’s DC-4 pilots for the UNRRA. Dick flew four of our post-war relief deliveries to Warsaw, Prague and Athens in 1946. Don’t miss this story.

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The whole Veterans Air Line romance story

Great fun recently meeting sons of Richard Broughton…Craig and his wife Carol in Florida and Bob and his wife Mary in Kentucky. Plus the visit unveiled an unexpected story about their dad and mom. Come read about the Veterans Air Line romance that surprised us all.

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2017 friendship between daughter Ellen and Gaye Lyn engendered by 1945 Veterans Air pilot Jack Stettner

Our Dads would have loved the role they played in friendships that have developed between their “kids.” Just three weeks ago today, Ellen Stettner and I met for a second time and had dinner. Like sisters, we talked and talked. So lovely. Her dad, Veterans Air pilot Jack Stettner, helped my Dad found the airline.

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Face to face 2017 visit with 1945, 1st generation Veterans Air Express Marilyn Gries

Marilyn Gries and I spent the better part of two days together in July. What a giggle. What a treat. Besides Veterans Air Express, we share many things in common. Come read about this spunky, gracious woman and our special connection.

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John Noll Veterans Air Aviator

John Noll with arms fully extended up, up, up in a joyous motion stands besides in project-in-progress.

John Noll Veterans Air Aviator … still a man of adventure all those years later! When John Noll Veterans Air aviator and co-founder turned 70, he was living in Cherry Hill, NJ. Buffy, his daughter, and her family were in Virginia. A major air show was scheduled

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Michael Frome Veterans Air Navigator and Pop

One thing to read about a man you never met. Another thing to hear first-hand stories about him from his son. I spent precious time this week in Texas with Will Frome, son of Michael Frome who navigated the Veterans Air DC-4’s to Prague and Warsaw in 1946. Very special. Come meet Will.

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Fabulous meaningful delightful first stop on Veterans Air family trip

Join our dinner party in Texas hosted by John Noll’s daughter, Buffy, and her husband, Jack. Another guest is Will Frome, son of Michael Frome. My good fortune found this daughter and son of two Veteran Air essential crew members, a pilot/founder and a navigator/journalist, living within miles of each other.

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Veterans Air Express family visit – day one

Buffy Noll hosts Will Frome and Gaye Lyn Gravely at first meeting of Veterans Air Express family visit.

Pretty amazing. 2nd generation of what I call the Veterans Air Express family…meeting for the first time in a Dallas suburb as part of my cross-country RV trek for face-to-face visits. Follow my adventure…

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A RECOMMENDED READ and irreplaceable for me: "Memories of the Jing Bao & Beyond," Authors Choice Press, 2001. Written by our own JACK Z. STETTNER - Veterans Air Express Co-Founder, Investor, Pilot and Operations Manager. As well as his considerable WWII experiences, Jack's book revealed new details about Veterans Air Express...plus the spirit and character of this organization that Jack obviously loved!