The whole story. Air line ticket-selling romance.

Unknown 1945 Broughton romance…the whole story unveiled.

Craig Broughton told me the story first. Later Bob Broughton told me a similar story. More recently, when Bob and his wife Mary invited me to lunch in Lexington, KY, Bob mentions it again. His mom, then Anna Tamburello, and dad, Richard Broughton, Veterans Air Line First Officer, met when his mom was working for an airline selling tickets.

The story is fun. And Bob remembers more details than I had heard from the “boys” previously. Goes like this.

Dick Broughton says to a buddy, “Who is the blonde? She’s pretty.”

“She doesn’t like pilots…”

Well, not one to be dissuaded so easily, Dick asks the pretty blonde on a date. She turns him down. Hmm. Seems she doesn’t date pilots. Something about them being “too forward.”

“She doesn’t like pilots,” his friend repeats another time. “Don’t bother.”

After some thought (and I don’t know what lapse of time), Dick tries a different approach.

“Go out with me for ice cream?” he invites.

Guess that sounds a little “safer.”

(Besides, Dear Reader, from his photos, I have to ask “How can she resist??” Bad, Gaye Lyn!)

They indeed go out for ice cream. And, of course, you already know the rest of the story. They get married!

Army Air Corps service photo of Richard Broughton.
Dick Broughton, here in Army Air Corps uniform, likely looked just as handsome when Anna first met him. Photo Credit: Broughton family.

MIA…a part of the family story known only by Aunt Mary…until today!

But, wait. Maybe you don’t know the whole story. Up ’til that moment at Red State Bar-B-Q in Lexington, none of us know the whole story.

I turn to Bob, slowly, and say, “What airline did your Mom work for?”

“Don’t know.”

I am pretty sure that Craig doesn’t know either.

“Bob…any chance she sold tickets for Veterans Air Line?”

He repeats “I don’t know.” But now he is looking at me quizzically? And, like, hesitantly.

“Bob, your Aunt Mary might know,” Mary says. “She has a great memory. And she would still have been living at home when your dad and Anna met.”

(Dear Reader, we’ve got two women named Mary in this story, so pay close attention!)

I already know that Anna’s sister, Mary, lives in Florida. Bob and I have already realized the missed opportunity for me to have met her while I was visiting Craig and Carol, Marilyn Gries, and Ellen Stettner just the week prior.

Bob promises he’ll call his aunt when he and Mary get home that afternoon.

Veterans Air Line romance confirmed

Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Broughton. He in uniform and bride in exquiste floor-length wedding dress and drapped train.
The newlyweds…Richard Broughton weds Anna Tamburello. Photo Credit: Broughton family.

Later that day, Bob calls me. “Aunt Mary confirmed without hesitation. Yes, my folks definitely met at Veterans Air Line!”

Wow! A 1945 Veterans Air Line romance. Now that’s really something! Bob and Craig are incredulous! And I’m so happy my curiosity got the better of me…finally. Because it was not until that moment at lunch, and the repetition of how their folks met, that gave me the “niggle” to ask.

Now we all know the whole story!

CORRECTION 8/25/2017:

Dear Reader, Aunt Mary is Anna’s sister, not Bob Broughton’s sister. When I first published this story, I incorrectly identified her. Bob was an only child.

Craig and Carol will be celebrating Aunt Mary’s 90th birthday with her tomorrow, 26 August!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Aunt Mary!)

Taken to RVing and fallen behind in sharing stories

White, brown and black duck with vibrant red, bumpy trim on its head visited Gaye Lyn at a FL RV Park.
Walks like a duck! Photo Credit: Gaye Lyn

During my VAE meet and greets on this trip, my treasure trove of newspaper clippings, photographs and stories grew. I’ll share some more with you in my next Posts about the Broughton family…Craig and Carol in Florida and Bob and Mary in Kentucky…and with the Cowart family — Angie and Joy and Bill in South Carolina.  I’m way behind on my intended Posts schedule. Seems I’ve taken to this RVing lifestyle like the duck that visited my RV site each morning in Florida.

Besides, Harry joined me in Lexington and we’ve been RVing together.

No more excuses. I’ll be back.

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