Non-sked researcher Alan Bender shares insights

Professor Alan Bender sporting a Panama-style hat sits across the table from Gaye Lyn. A painting of bright yellow lemons and fruit hangs over the table in their booth.

Non-sked researcher Alan Bender, an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Professor, agrees to meet and share some of his long-time independent research into, and passion for, the non-sked era in which Veterans Air operated in 1945-1947. Alan bursts with incredible and myriad details — and infectious enthusiasm. This was an amazing opportunity. Come meet The Professor.

CAB 1948 Order Dismissing Applications turns up

CAB single-page document dismissing two Veterans Air Express Co's applications for Certificates to operate as a non-sked service.

Ironic Proof of CAB Applications – and no CAB responses In October 2015, an undated CAB Application for worldwide routes surfaced and created more questions than it answered. It was among John Greenleaf, Sr.’s papers. He had spoken about the application with his son, John, Jr, telling him he couldn’t remember why he would have …

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