Research continues in 2019

Veterans Air Express research continues over 33-days and 4,872 miles.

Beginning with a single mile on June 7, Veterans Air Express research continues to expand. In 2019 so far, it covers 4,872 miles in 33 days on the road. Of course, the manner of travel is Gracie, the Veterans Air ground transport RV.

Across those miles were:

  • Visits and meals with the Veterans Air families of John Noll and Robert Chambers in Texas
  • Sleep-over with my dear friend Marilyn Gries, the lovely and wonderful widow of Robert Gries in southern FL
  • An up close look-see and photo shoot of Fat Anne, Carvair ATL-98 Hull #9.
    • Breakfast with aviation historian David Stringer.
    • Renewed friendships at 2019 Airliners International Convention at the Delta Flight Museum.
  • Respects paid to Carvair Hull #5, NX58003 former 1946 Veterans Air DC-4, at the 1997 crash site .
  • Unanticipated stop at an ex-military base where in 1945 Veterans Air took possession of their first two DC-3s – including the GAYE LYN.
  • Two days packed with work and fun at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
  • Discovery of the warbird-specialist transport company of Les and Buddy Chapman.

Whew! All of that in just 33 days!!??

Well, no, not actually. The trip map also shows two non-aviation stops. Tennessee for a terrific six-day visit near McMinnville with a dear friend. And Kissimmee FL for an out of the blue, first-time meet and greet with a second cousin on Dad’s side of the family.

Now the list is complete. In the coming days I will attach links to detailed stories and photos of the above. When they are ready, they will appear as white in black box like this. Come back soon.


The details promised above are late. Instead, I sadly need to tell you of the passing of John Schaus in July. I hope you’ll read about him and celebrate his life in your hearts. He holds a special place in mine.

Handsome photo of John Schaus. The photo that accompanied his 2019 Obituary.

2 thoughts on “Research continues in 2019”

  1. Dear Gaye, you can’t imagine how much joy I get from reading about your adventures. You inspire me every day to do more, dream more, take more chances and never completely quench the thirst for adventure and exploration in this crazy thing we call life!😘 Rose

    1. Rose, coming from your adventurous Spirit, that’s quite a compliment. The Gypsy that resides in my Soul inhabits yours as well. Of that I am certain!

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