John Schaus passed away 11 July 2019.

Cheerful soul. Veterans Air DC-3 pilot. My friend.

John Schaus left us on July 11.

In June 2016 John Schaus was stunned to read about his 1946 employer in the paper. And went out of his way to find a contact number. Imagine my reaction. The man on the phone said, “I used to fly for your Dad.” I am so proud to have known John and call him friend. He embellished the unfolding Veterans Air history and enriched my life.

I will miss those cheerful phone calls…


Hi, Gaye Lyn. It’s John Schaus. How ya do’in. Been thinking ’bout you and decided I should call.

And then we’d be off! John’s storytelling delighted me during every phone call and while we sat face-to-face in his New Jersey home in August 2016. Always cheerful, always energetic, with an enviable memory. Even if he’d told the story before, undoubtedly John added a vivid new detail or connected the story to a different one. I could not capture all he told me, but many of his stories are on this website. The three shown here will give you a sneak peak.

August 2016 in John Schaus' kitchen taking a break from telling Veterans Air stories.
Sure glad we took a break for the camera that day in John and Grace Schaus’ kitchen. This is a cherished photo.
 John's memorial will honor his favorite things!

John’s memorial will honor his favorite things!

My heart goes out to his sweet wife Grace Schaus and John’s family. May his Spirit and goodness ease your loss.
Grace and I shared a knowing and loving laugh yesterday when she revealed the August 10 Memorial plan. “We will honor John with his two favorite activities – eating and talking.” I’ll be there in Spirit. And I, too, will celebrate John’s vigorous and eventful life.
God-speed, Kind Sir.

2 thoughts on “John Schaus passed away 11 July 2019.”

  1. Indeed, Al. Starting with your Father, Jack, the men and women I’ve found who were involved in my Dad’s dream have been extraordinary. I am exceptionally blessed to have located them and the families of those who had passed before the research began. The families’ stories and pride attest to their Fathers’ same sense of adventure. Thank you very much for your comments and appreciation.

  2. RIP John Schaus. The men (and women) of Veterans Air, such as John, were extraordinary people. Part of the Greatest Generation, they had that special sense of adventure that led them to create and operate their fledgling airline. We are eternally grateful to you, Gaye, for “finding” them and sharing their stories with us.

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