Interview Videos 2 and 3 join non-sked history.

Photo collage shows five aviation historians and professionals with Gaye Lyn. They figure among the 50+ Veterans Air Express Research Network she credits as ever-diligent and sources of treasure.

Popular demand delivers both interview videos #2 and #3. Not to be left behind, #1 taxied into position also!

By popular demand — which absolutely delights me! — today I bring you both Part 2 and Part 3 of my Embry-Riddle July 2019 interview. Part 1 insisted on joining the fun.

Veterans Air glistening DC-3, props turning awaits approaching company founder on ramp at Sebring, FL.
Saunie Gravely walking toward DC-3 named after his daughter,
Gaye Lyn.

Part 1 runs 20:50 and covers the genesis of Veterans Air, some of our crew members, our aircraft, explanation of our intended routes – and even a lobster story.

Never expecting to meet crew members of her dad's 1945 Veterans Air Express, this collage captures her four visits and the 5th man Gaye Lyn contacted.
Treasures of the search…face-to-face and corresponding with five of Saunie’s men. Jack Stettner, Thomas Cowart, Ed Martz, John Schaus and Michael Frome.

Part 2 runs 17:02 and describes DC-3 passenger service, shows three DC-4 christenings, talks about marketing and operations, and reveals face-to-face visits with crew members and their current-day families.

1945 Veterans Air Express Widows Marilyn Gries, Marie Martz and June Frome enjoy recent visit by Gaye Lyn, airline founder's daughter.
Poignant, joyful experiences.
Face-to-face visits with Marilyn, Marie and June, widows of VAE crews Robert Gries, Edward Martz and Michael Frome.

Part 3 runs 22:27 and delves into the Non-sked era, introduces more men and women who joined Veterans Air and their today-families, shares the research network that evolved, and reveals Gaye Lyn’s lesson about the value of legacy.

My gratitude – and Saunie’s too – for the energy, care, time and effort of Embry-Riddle Team Florida for this honor. And to Steve Bobinsky for the introduction that made it possible.
Gaye Lyn

2 thoughts on “Interview Videos 2 and 3 join non-sked history.”

  1. Rose Tierney

    Oh Dear Gaye! What a great interview! Absolutely amazing! I can only imagine how wonderful this project is and how much it means to you, the men and their families. Big medicine. A pleasure and an honor to be able to be honorary ‘second sear’ on your journey and get my airplane fix. Love you, Rose

    1. Rose, dear Friend. Your message touches my heart. Thank you. And forgive my tardy response. I really need to “check my mail” more often!!! Your interest and support throughout my research has been a huge boost! Just today I am holding an official “grand” opening for the website’s new Video Library. It’s not officially announced yet…so you’re the “first” to know!!! 🙂

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