Background story. WWII aircraft production miracles.

Just built B-17s in 1944. Image appears in artcile by Fred Johnsen in General Aviation News, 3/2/2020.


What juggernaut? The one that took American gumption, strategic ingenuity, willpower and unstoppable determination on “a scale never before contemplated.” An effort that during World War II produced 85,000+ American bombers, fighters, transport and training aircraft. The very same miracle production B-17s, B-24s, B-29s, B-25s, P-51s and others that the granddads, dads and family members of Veterans Air Express flew as GIs — before they started poking holes in the sky with our DC-4s and DC-3s (also juggernaut flying machines!)

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Frederick Johnsen’s article, “Production miracles built the American Air Armada in World War II,” was published online in General Aviation News on March 2, 2020. I marveled at all the “many moving parts” that defined this unprecedented coordination. Previously, I had no idea.

It’s a matter of great personal pride to know that during WWII, most of our future Veterans Air Express crews either flew as crew, were instructors or mechanics and ground personnel for the aircraft in Fred Johnsen’s article. His own father, Carl Johnsen, figures into the story. I am certain you will enjoy the complexity of this piece of history and how well the author knitted it all together.

With great appreciation to the author and the publication for their “share” permission, click on the photo to be transported to the entire story:

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