3-part video by ERAU students features unfolding history

Veterans Air glistening DC-3, props turning awaits approaching company founder on ramp at Sebring, FL

A unprecedented honor surfaces today. I am releasing Part 1 of the hour-long interview and video production by four Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students that we taped last summer on the Florida campus. The ERAU Team (I am extremely proud and pleased to say I was consulted and included in the entire process)…edited the footage into a 3-part video featuring unfolding Veterans Air history.

A collage of the four Embry-Riddle students and their Adviser who made this video happen.
These smiling faces tell the story better than any caption could.

The interview is ably conducted by Joey Bobinsky. The A/V team — Elsa, Denise and Juan — jam packed the footage with elements from my research archive. They dove-tailed some 50 news clips, documents, photographs and other videos with the audio. These four sterling young adults make up the current Embry-Riddle Non-Sked Era Student Research group on the Dayton Beach campus. And, Dr. Sally Blomstrom, the Project Adviser and my contact, succeeded in making this a terrific experience for all of us. She also over-achieved her stated goal of “wanting you to be happy, Gaye.”

Proud of the outcome!

I could not be more proud of the outcome. I could not be more moved by the University’s interest in and support of the Veterans Air story getting told. And I could not be more bolstered in my hope for the future by the intelligence and spirit of each Embry-Riddle student I met!

And so…with no further ado…I give you Part 1 of 3. Click ‘d Card!

Button to click for Part 1 ERAU Interview

Part 1 runs 20:50 and covers the genesis of Veterans Air, some of our crew members, our aircraft, explanation of our intended routes – and even a lobster story.

COMING SOON! Watch this space for Part 2 of 3.

2 thoughts on “3-part video by ERAU students features unfolding history”

  1. Excellent interview! Wonderful job – by both of you. Through Joey’s very pointed questions you articulately told the story of Veterans Air, its people, its history, its aircraft, and its legacy. I especially appreciated the illustrations that popped up throughout the interview. Great job!

    1. Al, given you know the history first-hand from your dad, Jack Stettner, and from your own research, I really appreciate your comments. I cherish the opportunity that Embry-Riddle has given us to tell the story in such detail…and make it fun at the same time. They’ve been terrific. I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to the ER team! Parts 2 and 3 should be on the website by end of day today. Thank you, again, Al for taking time to comment.

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