17 year old “flys” baby cows to Greece

Almost out of view, Constantine, the young livestock handler, is tucked between the three crates cleaning up the DC-4 interior.

In search of Constantine J. Keloss (or Kaless or Keloas) or Gus Kaoss

Each of these names and possible spellings surfaced in researching the then-17 year old Greek-American lad you see in this photo. Selected by the UNRRA as the livestock “handler” on their Veterans contracted flight to Athens, he became a bit of a celebrity along with his charges. He attended high school in Somerville, NJ, and reportedly was in 4-H. Thomas Cowart, our flight engineer, clearly remembers Constantine (aka Gus?). And the search continues to locate him – or at least spell his name correctly!

For now, to read the full story of Constantine and the three baby cows donated by the Borden Co. for a Greece war-relief effort in 1946, click here.

ATHENS, August 1946. Captain Morgan Cooper Walker and unknown VAE flight Officer, stand with their precious livestock cargo and special handler, 17-year old Constantine “Keloss/Kaless.”
Photo credit: Richard Broughton, Veterans Air 1st Officer on this flight.
Photo source: The Broughton family.

Series of Updates 2016 thru 2018

9/19/2016 UPDATE.
The above Post was published in December last year (2015).
This recently located Veterans Air Crew Manifest lists “Handler” in August 1946 on a UNRRA flight to Athens as Constantine J. Keloss.
List of Veterans Air crew on US Customs and Immigrations manifest, Athens, August 1946.

The flight manifest revealed his name for the first time in association with the Veterans Air Athens flight.  It is spelled Keloss.  Yet, military enlistment records (which I am 98.5% certain are his) show Kaless. And so it went

Efforts continued to locate Constantine or expand his minimal background (from Somerville, NJ and a member of 4-H), but he remained elusive until…

11/1/2017 UPDATE.
Constantine Kaloss – spelling confirmed by Somerville High School from which he was graduated in 1946.

3/2018 UPDATE.
I spoke with his nephew, Michael, who called him Uncle Gus and about whom he had very fond and loving memories. He told me his Uncle had passed away many years prior. Our loss.

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