Carole Landis christens non-sked DC-4. July1946

Hollywood star Carole Landis christened Veterans DC-4.

Carole Landis christened one of the DC-4's in the Veterans Air Line fleet.
Carole Landis. Photo courtesy of Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen.

With a splash of champagne, Carole Landis christened Veterans DC-4 on July 24, 1946.  The Douglas Skymaster was the newest fleet addition.  I continue to search historic newspaper photo archives for a visual capture of the event at Newark Airport.  (Surely The New York Times or The Newark Star Ledger were there.  How could they resist?!)

Meanwhile, we have this knockout photo of Landis to grace our page.  Our thanks to the terrific website Glamour Girls.

One more childhood tale confirmed!

My Dad talked about meeting Carole Landis.  And I vaguely remember my Mom showing me an old snapshot of my Dad in a trench coat, collar turned up, looking handsome and very suave – escorting Carole Landis on his arm.  That personal snapshot remains illusive today.  (But I’ll keep searching!)

What delighted me was the Landis Profile on Glamour Girls listed the christening among some stellar (no pun intended) activities on her Bio-line.  (So, thanks, again, to Robert, the Glamour Girls site owner, who has become another member of my valuable network.  He put me in touch with Cheryl, the Landis researcher who complied the Profile.  Once again, you see how this all knits together for me!!)

For one thing, the Profile gave me the actual date of the christening.  And from there I found a “Special to The New York Times” press clip – but sans photo.

Mrs. Gloria Vanderbilt got “christened” along with the DC-4

The Glamour Girls Profile also had this intriguing tidbit.  (It’s another reason I’ve got to believe there was photo press coverage of this event!!)

Mrs. Gloria Vanderbilt, a patron of the line, stands behind her (Landis) and catches the champagne spray.

(That Mrs. Vanderbilt is the mother of the Gloria Vanderbilt of the fashion world & fabulous jeans fame.  And that mention prompted me to read two autobiographies written by the younger Gloria.  Yikes! What a life.  But I digress.)

6 thoughts on “Carole Landis christens non-sked DC-4. July1946”

    1. The paper snipe on the news photo has the following information: International News Photo, 7-24-1946, “A Happy Landis Send-Off, Newark, N.J., Carole Landis of the movies enjoys her role of sponsor as she makes the champagne fly during the christening of the ‘Globemaster’ Douglas Skymaster DC-4 at Newark Airport for Veterans Air Lines. In right background, Mrs. Gloria Vanderbilt holds on to her hat and looks as if the shower of champagne is causing her some real pain. She is a patron of the line.”

      1. Gaye Lyn Gravely

        Gwen, I’d really love to know what “patron of the line” means re: Mrs. Vanderbilt. And if Carole’s “role of sponsor” was connected to Mrs. V.

  1. Gaye Lyn Gravely

    Gwen!!! What a delight. What a treat! What great looking legs! (Sorry, couldn’t resist). I’ve posted on Facebook; didn’t use your name because I wasn’t sure you’d want me to. Did you find this photo? I have saved it from FB, but am hesitant to post it on my site here without some sort of permission. Let me know the protocol. I absolutely LOVE the photo…and the energy she put into the christening!! THANKS, AGAIN.

    1. If you will go to my underwhelming website (I can’t seem to find time to build it!), you can find my e-mail at the bottom of the opening page. If you will, please e-mail me directly, I will reply back with a better quality jpeg image of the christening photo. It is a press photo I own, so you certainly have my permission to use it. As for the original copyrights to the photo, I’m going to guess it’s ok to use … probably not renewed. I will pull the photo from my files, because there may be a paper snipe on the back with more information! Two of us semi-anonymously run the Facebook page.

  2. Hi there! I have a press photo from the DC-4 christening. I’m not sure how to send it here. However, I posted it today on Facebook at “Carole Landis Fans” page. Maybe your dad is in the photo? There are pilots visible in the cockpit. I sure hope you find your photo! A lot of Carole Landis fans would be interested in seeing it! -Gwen

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