DC-3 Gaye Lyn joins ABCDlist.nl Gallery of DC-3s

Saunie Gravely and DC-3 GAYE LYN spread their wings.

Veterans Air DC-3 named after his daughter by Saunie Gravely, Founder & President of Veterans Air Express, in November1945.
Handsome, Saunie Gravely, proud Papa.

Today my favorite photo got posted on a very advantageous website — ABCDlist.nl.  It now sits in a terrific gallery among other DC-3s, sporting, by far, the handsomest pilot!  (OK! I might be a little prejudice.  Never mind!)

As well as accepting the photo, ABCDlist.nl has been incredibly helpful to me in several ways.

First, the aviation industry (both civilian & military) has wrought a complex maze of alpha/numeric designations on their aircraft.  The Douglas Aircraft Company led the pack!  Organization of the ABDClist data and its extremely helpful “de-mazing” explanations allowed me to carefully make my way.  Picking through Serial, Model,  Construction, Manufacturer, Registration, Productionline, Conversion and other numbers, I tracked and verified my two Veterans Air DC-3s.  Those details to be subject of an upcoming Post.

[Author’s confession here:  From less than two months ago when I started my research project, this airline and especially its fleet have shifted “ownership.”  I’ve caught myself many times saying, “my aircraft” and “our airline.”  Going forward, if that’s how it comes out, I make neither apology or correction!]

Second, the site owner of ABCDlist.nl has given me direct and personal help, much to my delight. Taking an interest in my project, he uncovered great new links and information – soon to be subject of other Posts.  So, thank you, Peter, for going above and beyond and for posting our photo.

Are you wondering about the significance of ABCD? They cleverly stand for Airbus, Boeing, Convair, Douglas – the primary aircraft manufacturers upon which Peter’s database focuses.

And, now, for your viewing pleasure and ease of web navigation, I present a direct path to ABCDlist and photos.  (So you understand…when you click on any of these three buttons, a new window will open and you will be whisked away to Peter’s site.  But my site will remain open as well.  So come back, ya hear!?)

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