Gaye Lyn crashes VFW meeting seeking Veterans Air vets

Seeking Veterans Air vets…I crashed a VFW Post 7858 meeting

I crashed a lovely VFW meeting yesterday in Basking Ridge, NJ. (My friend Bea made me do it!!!)  It was so much fun, I may have enough nerve to try it again!

A Poppy tribute. Seeking Veterans Air vets.
A Poppy “picked” from the Internet. Original source: Unknown.

We were stopping for a coffee.  And we saw these two lovely gentlemen wearing VFW caps going into the The Old Mill Inn where we were headed.  Bea said, let’s go talk to them.  With my “draft” flyer in hand, we started for the front door.  Only to find two more VFW men entering with a poster about selling Poppies.  (It is Memorial Day Weekend this weekend!  I love the Poppy tradition.  We seem to have “outgrown” it.  Sad.  It is a very fitting and needed remembrance.)

I quickly grasped that there was a meeting going on!  And Bea said, “Let’s go.”  (We have a history of mischief, this particular friend and I.)  So we got in the elevator with two gents and struck up a conversation about their service.

When we all got off the elevator on the same floor, they asked us where we were going.  And I said, “With you.  To your meeting!”

Only slightly startled, in unison, they said, “Great!!!!”

Walking down the corridor, Bea said, “She has a story.”

To which on of them replied, “Don’t we all.  What’s your story?”

I gave him my “elevator speech,” which he then repeated when he introduced me to the man who was obviously in charge of this dinner gathering of some 30 men.

They did not throw us out!

That man was Al Green, Post Commander of Bernardsville/Basking Ridge VFW Post 7858.  Al could not have been more gracious and friendly.  He did not throw us out!  Instead, he made an announcement to the entire room about Veterans Air Express, asking if anyone present knew about the air line or anyone who was involved to let him know. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your Service

To each and every one of all the men and women who has ever served and to your families, a heartfelt THANK YOU.  And to the gentlemen of VFW Post 7858, thanks for your hospitality, too — and for even offering to feed us!!  But Bea and I figured we should skedaddle while you were still happy we dropped by.

Remember to buy and wear a Poppy

Back on this subject, please honor this tradition.  Buy a Poppy this week – and wear it.  And if your geographic area doesn’t honor our Veterans by selling Poppies, contact your local VFW and ask them to start it up.

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