2017 Road Trip. Family Visits. Day One

Buffy Noll hosts Will Frome and Gaye Lyn Gravely at first meeting of Veterans Air Express family visit.

DALLAS, Wednesday, 19 July 2017

2nd generation “kids,” Noll, Frome and Gravely meet face-to-face…happening today!

Pink-tinged sky and surface of Lake Lewisville thru window in Gracie, Gaye Lyn's RV. Camping at Hickory Creek, TX.
Looking out Gracie’s screened window.

This is an exciting day. I will share face-to-face time on the first stop of my Veterans Air Express family visits!  No wonder I am writing before the crack of dawn. Last time I looked up it was dark outside. Now I can clearly see the rippling surface of Lake Lewisville.   I just watched a squirrel scare away two crows! (Sort of a takeoff on scarecrows??? Never mind…it’s a little early even for me!)

Buffy and Jack have invited me to dinner. And she’s invited Will Frome, Michael Frome’s son, whom none of us have ever met.  That’s a lovely gesture and I’m really pleased.

I’ll go early so we can get acquainted and go through some of Buffy’s father’s memorabilia. I’ve got a few things to show and tell also.

Not a “solo” Journey…

Buffy has been so excited from our very first contact two years ago, it really adds to my own enjoyment. This is not a solo Journey that I am on. The families that I have found have all been incredulous to hear from me, an unknown voice from the past. And then really delighted to share what they know, and show what they have, about their fathers’ involvement with Veterans Air as well as World War II. In some instances, prior to my “arrival,’ they knew nothing.

Families hearing about escapades never told…

I know I’ve told you this before, but it tickles me to tell you again. Families hear many stories for the first time. Things their dads had never told them.

In one case, however, none of us knew much of anything – and have made little progress since!  Charles Eason Sr.‘s sons wanted me to tell them as much as I could. Because they had no idea what their father did in service and only learned of his Veterans Air involvement through their dad’s obituary. It remains a mystery to this day to all of us, but I’m not finished researching yet!

So here Gracie and I sit at 6 a.m. on the shores of the wonderful Corps of Engineers park on Lewisville Lake in Hickory Creek, TX. A two-family visit on my grand Adventure happens later today. I’ll take pictures for you – and for me!

Stay tuned!

TEASER UPDATE: 20 July … 2nd generation Veterans Air family “kids” having a blast.

All Veterans Air Express family, Buffy Noll hosts Will Frome and Gaye Lyn Gravely for their first meeting.
2nd Generation VAE “kids” getting together…Buffy Noll, our lovely hostess, Gaye Lyn & Will Frome.

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