Gordon E Bellman. Core Founder. In full swing.

Bellman works with Saunie in earliest crew and fleet building

No photo, but news coverage details about Gordon Bellman. His military career, aircraft and personnel research for Veterans Air as member of the Board. Newark Evening News, Sept 13, 1945

Untidy red marker “outlines” Bellman’s role

Dear Reader, this entire news article is interesting. But the red marker is intended to highlight the coverage about Gordon Bellman. His RAF and AAF flying career, his efforts with Saunie to make aircraft selections for the fleet, and their joint interviews to recruit full-scale ground and flight crews. And, finally, the announcement of his selection for Veterans Air Board of Directors.
While not ever referred to as a core Founder of the Company, Bellman’s early role, as revealed in this 13 September 1945 article in the Newark Evening News, certainly warrants the designation…in this Researcher’s humble opinion.

Gaye Lyn

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