KQNA live radio interview promotes upcoming ERAU presentation

Close up photo of radio KQNA studio microphone and logo graphics of headphones and station information.

Fun KQNA live radio interview about Veterans Air to publicize Embry-Riddle event.

When I get any invite to talk about Veterans Air Express, you know how it delights me. But when Embry-Riddle arranges a publicity event the day before I am to be their January 2020 Aviation History Speaker Series guest…well, now! that is whipped cream atop an ice cream sundae. It turns out to be a really fun KQNA live radio interview with D. J. Fone in the Prescott, AZ, station’s glass encased broadcast booth. Just like you see in the movies!!!

Yes, the talk show host’s name is D. J. (Get it?) And the radio station is KQNA. (Say it out loud!).

But…the most fun part is D. J. Fone himself. He asks me to submit some questions in advance that are pertinent to Veterans Air and to Embry-Riddle’s speakers series. And he does slip some of them into our 20 minutes together. But…he has done so much of his own research and shows such genuine interest in the Veterans Air story, that we chat away as though we’re sitting in his living room. And some of his questions catch me quite off guard. Which, I feel, makes the story fresh, even if you already know something about it.

Thank you, Jerry Kidrick, Steve Bobinsky & Calissa Spooner at Embry-Riddle. And, thank you, D. J. Fone.

Sure wish I had gotten a photo of us in the broadcast booth!!!! But, here is a worthy stand-in. A photo of the ERAU Prescott campus. It shows part of the lovely, sprawling campus from the University’s guest house on an adjoining hill. My husband Harry and I were very comfortably accommodated there during our Prescott visit. Another treat!

Hilltop photo captures part of the ERAU Prescott campus, buildings and planetarium. Photo is a stand-in for the one not taken while at KQNA radio station.
Hilltop partial view of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott campus, planetarium and facilities.
Dear Reader, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being interviewed.
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21 January 2020

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