Navigator Michael Frome. Washington Post writer

Veterans Air Express navigator Michael Frome … in his own elegant words

Michael Frome in World War II service uniform.

What an exquisite honor to introduce our newest Veterans family member.  Our now-96-year-old Veterans Air Express navigator Michael Frome.

Michael will present his own story, in his own words.  I’m not being lazy here. I’m just extremely excited to share two of Michael’s articles from April 1946 in Prague with Veterans Air.  Written on location, the details enrich my appreciation for the worldwide stage upon which our air line landed. Literally and figuratively. I hope you are likewise engaged.

Direct from 1946 Prague … Washington Post journalist and
Veterans Air Express navigator Michael Frome

Washington Post staff writer and Veterans Air Express navigator Michael Frome pictured with two articles about Prague in 1946.

A leave of absence …

Up close look at Washington Post intro to Michael Frome's Prague article in 1946.

To be sure you did not miss the Washington Post editor’s intro to Michael’s previous articles , here it is again.

This was far from the only article he wrote.  Nor his only flight.  April was followed by a second flight to Prague in early May and then Warsaw later that same month. All were conducted under Veteran’s UNRRA contract.  An excerpt from the University of Idaho website describes Michael’s involvement this way:

He became the first western reporter to penetrate the iron curtain around Poland when he joined a former Army Pilot (Veterans Air Express Captain Morgan Cooper Walker) on a relief flight carrying eggs. Upon arriving in Poland he interviewed key Polish officials and wrote a series of front page articles for the Post which gave the West its first glimpse of Poland’s struggle to rebuild

Inexplicable “coincidence”

You’ve got to be asking…how did Michael Frome get hooked up with my Dad’s air line?

That brings us to the “What???  Really???” part of Michael’s story.  The inexplicable “coincidence.” (And those of you who follow this website know that I definitely do not believe in coincidences. I present Michael’s email and “rest my case.”)

Veterans Air Michael Frome tells Gaye Lyn, founder's daughter, how he started at Veterans Air Express.

Date: 8/1/2016

Michael Frome's email explains to Gaye Lyn how he become a Navigator for her Dad's air line.


Michael Frome … after leaving Veterans Air Express

Michael’s “sign-off” at bottom of my email  (and all others, I suspect) deserves elaboration.  Veterans Air played a significant but minor role in his life.  Michael’s real passion and life-work took him elsewhere — as he talks about in this video from Forces of Nature by Resource Renewal Institute.
Dear Reader, there’s more to show and tell about him, but for now come meet Michael Frome by clicking here 

Michael Frome, newest member of Veterans Air family.
Michael Frome with his beloved wilderness in background. Photo Credit: 2009 Inside Union Magazine, Union Institute and University.

Permissions granted

Michael himself has given me approval to share the clippings, video and messages that appear in this post.  I’m delighted to also have made friends with Michael’s daughter and son, Michele and Will.  Their myriad emails and phone calls facilitated Michael and I recovering some grand connections.  Once again, I’ve been made welcomed by a new Veterans family. I am so proud.

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