Meaningful. Delightful. First stop on family trip.

Family trip…in the wee hours of the morning after.

Dark, almost indistinguishable tree silhouette against pre-dawn sky. Photo taken by Gaye Lyn on the morning after the first visit of her Veterans Air family trip.
Dawn breaking on Gracie. Tree silhouetted outside the bedroom window.

The leaves move. But there is no breeze. And they move again in a different branch. Still without wind. The tree graces my RV bedroom window. Now more leaves rustle. The tree is in silhouette, only faint light exists before 6 a.m.

More leaves, more robust movement. I refocus and rivet my attention on the entire tree. They are birds! Scattered all over the tree. They’d obviously spent the night.  Now I can see they are ravens. Or crows. (I never remember the difference.) But many, many black birds occupy those branches. It’s a black bird hotel! One by one I watch them preen and fly away. The tree is empty. No breeze, no movement, no birds.

I have full view across the lake. Time to get up. It is now 6:21. Miles to go before I sleep again.

7/20/2017…the day after my first visit!

This was a grand stop. A fabulous meaningful delightful first stop on my Veterans Air family trip.

The 2nd Generation of our “family”…

Buffy Noll hosts Will Frome and Gaye Lyn Gravely at first face-to-face meeting on Veterans Air family trip.
2nd Generation Veterans Air “kids” getting together. PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Wimmer

Thank you, Buffy.

Thank you, Will.

And thank you, Jack, for embellishing the stories with your vivid memories of Buffy’s dad. And for the fantastic “smoker” turkey.

We were all happy and delighted to meet. To share our most unusual connection.  And to enjoy a fabulous meal around the “kids’ table.”

Buffy said it best last night as I was leaving for the RV park, “Our Dads are up there looking down and enjoying the fact that we found each other.”

Unique opportunity

Great stories to share. I learned more about the escapes of my Dad’s men, John Noll and Michael Frome. Equally important and poignant, as they told their stories, I learned something about the children…now, all grown up…who were very special to their dads. Buffy and Will let me peek further into their dads’ lives from their points of view. And I got to tell stories about Saunie. Unique opportunity, you must agree!!!

Kneeling in front of her RV, Gaye Lyn affixes a custom license plate with the Veterans Air Line logo.
Gracie, my RV, proudly sporting a Veterans Air Line license plate.

More about this in my next installment – hopefully tomorrow. Right now, Gracie and I must roll on down the road toward Florida.

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