Jack Stettner would be 97 today.

A most fitting “toast” to our ice cream connoisseur.

I knew many things about Jack Stettner before I met him in 2015. About his WW II service. About his role in founding Veterans Air. About his piloting both our DC-3s and DC-4s. About his daughter and two sons – Ellen, Scott and Al – with whom I’d spoken telephonically.

But what I didn’t know about him until we met in person was Jack loved ice cream. I dare to say he was a connoisseur. During our visit in Florida, he even took me to his favorite ice cream shop – a couple of times.

Jack Stetter, sporting a bright red shirt and Veterans Air Line cap, and sipping a huge ice cream soda.
Jack Stettner

Cheers, Jack. One for you and one for me.

I was not with him when this photo was taken…Jack in his sporty red shirt and wearing his Veterans Air Line cap. But it inspired me to celebrate his life and our friendship in a similar fashion today when Jack would have turned 97.

Two root beer floats with chocolate yogurt! Yumm.

You are missed, Kind Sir. And remembered with great fondness. Gaye Lyn

Root Beer Floats with frothy tops and straws to celebrate Jack Stettner's life.

1 thought on “Jack Stettner would be 97 today.”

  1. Gaye- You are the best! Yes, Jack loved his ice cream and he loved his Veterans hat (which is now worn proudly and frequently by his grandson). Thanks for remembering him on his birthday and for honoring him and the other Veterans Air alumni every day.

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