Legacy research celebrates five years. A Video Library. A hiatus.

Thumbnail images of four Veterans Air YouTube videos now in the websilte Video Library.

1945 Veterans Air legacy research began in April 2015.

April 15, 2015 (Calendar Entry) 8:30am James McGrath Morris – coffee at Collected Works Bookstore -bring my notes & research.

Over coffee and cappuccino that morning in Santa Fe, after a fierce-paced, cliff-notes style course on biographical research techniques, my confidence bolsters. And I decide to venture forth on this research project.  My coach is none other than James McGrath Morris, skilled and recognized biographer, and my new friend and mentor. Some of my scribbled notes require a cryptographer. All are priceless. And thus begins a totally unexpected, five year journey that surfaces treasure and legacy. I cannot be more proud of my Dad and the caliber of men and women, the extraordinary people, who rally ‘round him to accomplish his dream.

Only four weeks into the research…

May 9, 2015 (Second POST on this website) Bernard Shmanske Veterans Air pilot ”…My first research success.  It happened this week!  And I feel JUICED!!!”


Today is April 15, 2020. The 5th Anniversary of Veterans Air Line/Veterans Air Express research project. It’s even the same day of the week – Wednesday. And I’m absolutely delighted and truthfully somewhat startled to share the legacy and this milestone with you. Five years? Really???

Website Video Library…

Thumbnail images of four Veterans Air YouTube videos now in the websilte Video Library.

I am excited to also announce today’s “grand” opening of Veterans Air Website Video Library. The videos posted there show and tell a lot — all of which I did not know and certainly never expected to find five years ago today.

[Click here: Veterans Air Video Library to visit now … or go anytime to the new Video Library Navigation tab at top of every page of the website.]

You just can’t get this kind of thrill from a book! Come see, hear and feel all about it…
Spinning props…a DC-3 engine that sounds like she’s blending fine china…a soft-voiced, sharp-minded Nonagenarian telling stories from 70 years past…the energetic, proud reminiscent tale of changing DC-4 spark plugs on the #4 during an overnight fuel stop “…’cause she just didn’t sound right.”

Lastly…first day of a hiatus…

Lastly, while this may seem a strange time to make this announcement, in fact, I believe it’s at a solid juncture. Today is also the first day of a six-month hiatus in my research. All is well. This is not a personal emergency. Just trust me that, if I am willing to step away from this heart-tugging endeavor for any period of time, it is for a strong and purposeful reason.

I remain committed to our project. I remain always available to you, to your input, and your questions. And I will be back.

Watch this space.

My best as always,

Gaye Lyn

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