Meeting Paul Eason, son of Charles Eason, Sr.

Son and grandson of Veterans Air Express
Charles Eason, Sr., visit us in Santa Fe

Paul Eason and Gaye Lyn Gravely, son & daughter of 1945 founders of Veterans Air Express.
Our dads would be proud! Paul Eason and me toasting Charles & Saunie’s aviation exploits!

Not another word. Not another story. Not another email. Not another anything can I write before I finally tell you about cocktails (Margaritas, actually) with Paul Eason, third of four sons of Veterans Air Express Charles Eason, Sr.

Evan Eason, grandson of Veterans Air Express Charles Eason, Sr.
Evan, another Eason in the Veterans Air “family.” What a delightful young man.

And, vacationing with Paul, was his son, Evan, a charming and engaging young man.

The late July afternoon had been uncharacteristically cloudy for Santa Fe.  But the sun joined us as we created our rooftop happy hour at the La Fonda Hotel’s outside bar, festooned with cushy chairs.

Charles and Saunie bring us together.

Conversation flowed as though we four had met before.  But we had not.  Harry and Evan discovered mutual passion for the art world and chatted away about galleries and schools and Santa Fe.

Harry Pollitt, sculptor & Gaye Lyn's husband.
This handsome fellow is my husband, Harry. As a sculptor, he & Evan Eason had lots to talk about.

Paul’s and my connection went back to 1945 when his Dad helped my Dad found Veterans Air Express.

Surprisingly, Charles Eason, Sr. was not a pilot.  Not even an aviation guy.  Yes, he was a WWII veteran, just like all Dad’s founder/crew members (with the exception of a few civilian investors).  But Charles was already an attorney before the war and served in the OSS,  the Office of Strategic Services. That was the United States intelligence agency formed during the war — and the predecessor of the CIA.  Hmmmm.  And the connection was???

The mystery lingers to this day as to what Paul’s dad did at Veterans.  The Eason brothers often asked their dad about his war service – about which he remained mum.  Then at his passing in 2006, they learned of and wondered about his role in an airline — Veterans Air — a new puzzle piece of their dad’s past.  So I’m new to the inquiry, and my research has piqued their curiosity all over again.

While Paul and I speculated, also, over those July margaritas, it was to no avail because we had (and still have) no clue.  Paul warned me in advance that he was not “a huge reservoir of  Veterans Air history.”  Silly man!  He is Charles Sr.’s son.  That made him important to me and delighted to meet him.  I’m hopeful I’ll meet Peter and David someday also!

I keep the Eason family updated with my research results.  Peter, the youngest brother, who was my first and on-going contact with the family, inevitably responds with congratulations on my progress.  And then writes something wistful like “still no Charles Eason…the plot thickens.”  I promise, I’ll keep after it, Gentlemen.

Dear Reader, I wrote about Charles Eason, Sr. back in June. Here is a link to that story.  I would have more to tell in this Post, except it was my first-ever face-to-face encounter with a Veterans Air family member. I so enjoyed the occasion that I took too few and such-scribbled notes, that this writing mostly relies on my memory. Now, that’s a scary notion! Gaye Lyn

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