TVC YouTube features VAE ground transport RV

TVC YouTube features VAE ground transport RV, Gracie

A new friend, Liz Wilcox. Unabashed enthusiasm for RVing. Liz’s new Tuesday night weekly TVC YouTube program. An 11-minute guest segment. Two of my favorite worlds. And we’re off mixing the perfect ingredients for great mischief. TVC spells out to The Virtual Campground. And TVC YouTube features Veterans Air own ground transport RV, Gracie!  This all happened last week (2/5/2019) in the segment called the Virtual Spotlight.

Relaxing in the southern Florida sunshine after traveling from Santa Fe, this is the Veterans Air magic carpet named Gracie.
Wearing a Veterans Air T-shirt and big smile, Gaye Lyn sits inside Gracie, her RV, with kitchen and sunlight in background.
Gracie, VAE Ground Transport RV, introduced by Gaye Lyn in TVC YouTube video. Source: Video Clip

I got to talk about my inspiration for acquiring an RV in order to visit some of the Veterans Air crew members’ families. Liz loves the fact that I had never even been in an RV — let alone driven one — before I bought Gracie. She felt some of her viewers might be inspired by how Gracie enables and enriches VAE travels and expands our research coverage across the country. Gracie is truly Veterans Air Ground Transport.

Unscripted. No notes. One take. Shot from inside Gracie.

The red button below will transport you to the 11-minute video I provided to The Virtual Campground.  Or simply watch the video from this page…But, before you watch…just two “quick edits.”

  1. You’ll hear about my pre-Gracie trips to visit to Jack Stettner in FL, Edward Martz in NJ, and Thomas Cowart.  Thomas lived in South Carolina, not North.  I flew into Charlotte and drove a rental car south.
  2. The third “must have” criteria for my RV (which I couldn’t remember during the video) was the L-shaped kitchen you’ll see over my right shoulder.  That design element gives Gracie even more “style!”

So, now, turn up the volume and enjoy…but, sorry, you’ll have to make your own pop-corn!

As soon as I refresh my skills on tape editing, I will post a slightly longer version showing Liz’s intro and wrap up of the segment.  I want you to meet Liz and her Energy.  Plus, come back to this page and click on Stettner, Martz, and Cowart’s names to learn more these Veterans Air Express crewmen I was so honored to meet.

Again, Liz, a million thanks for this unusual adventure. I do hope that your viewers enjoyed it.And, Dear Veterans Air families, I hope you will also enjoy it.  Be on the look-out for Gracie on your driveway this summer!!  πŸ™‚

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  1. R.J. Tierney

    WELLLL look at you! Great video, Gaye. You always inspire me. I live vicariously through you and your adventures with Gracie. We’ll catch up soon. All my love, Rose😘

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